Sponsoring WifePeople like immigrating from one country to another in order get an exposure. It also opens the eyes of people from many angles. But taking into consideration the same strategy, immigration fraud is a mushrooming problem at present in many countries. Recently the Government has cracked down on specific type of immigration fraud targeting individuals who claim to have stayed in the foreign country for long time. They had done this to maintain their permanent residency status or further applying for citizenship wile in reality they are not so. Due to this reason, target based immigration fraud based on marriage has been commenced by the countries.

Wives are not Meant for Abandoning

It is a matter of surprise that it is unfortunate in many cases that a permanent residence sponsor wife from abroad for abandoning purpose once the wife achieves her permanent residency status. This has grown up to a major problem for both the sponsor and country as well. The new proposal from the side of Government demands a few stringent measures to be taken which have been taken by the United States for a long time. The action involves providing the sponsored wife conditional residence on the basis of marriage. Once she comes out of the married life, she loses her permanent residence status. This is neither feasible nor sounds good. Instead the problem must be taken due care rather than overlooking.

Opponents Related to Sponsoring Wives

Worthy opponents are concerned regarding the new immigrants who are abused by wives. They consider that they have to stay in an abusive relationship in order to maintain the married status. It is said by the Government that it needs to address that concern soon. Many get married for the sake of moving from one place to another in search of a shelter and relationship for some years. Those years include a long time but everyone must think about the pain bearded within that time period. Somebody who comes from another country full of horrible conditions and do not qualifying the refugee status endure more. And many are still enduring! Does human life holds no value at all? It is a matter of doubt that whether this persisting problem will be either solved or not. This will make a very big change. If it is done, the developed countries would not have to face such problem.

On the other hand it is not fully crystal clear that how much time the person with an immigration lawyer in Toronto will have to live in that foreign land but with Maxcan Visa immigration law is made easy before applying for permanent citizenship.  If an immigrant candidate lives in that place for a long time, she is eligible for applying for citizenship. With the evolution of new system the time may become higher for applying for permanent resident ship. This is the main problem for individuals who are holding genuine marriage cases as they had to wait for long time to enjoy the privileges of the new place. It is taken for granted by many.  Regardless of place of standing, it is expected that the government should be applauded for the efforts made by them in eliminating fraudulent immigration system. With the passage of time, it is expected to achieve the best for all.

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